Chapter 2

first day 018

Today I dropped off two daughters at school. One begins her last year at elementary school and the other begins her first. When we got within sight of the playground, my fifth grader (!) ran off. I never saw her again – confirmation that indeed, her friends are preferable company.

I walked my first grader in and helped her find her locker, her classroom, her desk. We took pictures, pointed animatedly at her nearby friends and then I stood back with all the other moms and waited. It couldn’t have been less than 90 degrees in the classroom. My eyes were stinging from the 7:00am wake-up call and my back was slick with sweat.

The place was swarming with parents. Some moms were brushing away tears and others were maneuvering for the door. I leaned down to her tiny desk to kiss her goodbye and she distractedly blew in my face – an aborted attempt to blow me a kiss, I think.

I left the classroom missing her already and at the same time, silently screaming “Woo-hoo! I’m freeee!!!!”

Now I sit in my silent house, one kitten at my feet, a cup of coffee next to the laptop and I’m ready to get started.

Chapter 2.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. What a great way to start chapter 2! I think I was dragging my things into work with froot loops stuck in my hair. Or perhaps it was the day I had a penney stuck to my ass. Always something.
    I don’t know what chapter I’m in, I’ve lost track since this is my second life. I sent my youngest to his first year as a sophmore at a new high school (for us) and my oldest son to his first year at our local community college. They are the reason for the froot loops, pennies and everything similar I used to “wear” to work.
    My daughter is from my first life. And I have two beautiful grandSONS. I just laugh as I watch her try to reel them in.
    I haven’t decided about my third life. So many wonderful options!

    Atta girl. Looking forward with optimism — I like it.. You’re sound like a cat with all your lives. Cheers to each one getting better and better.

  2. Wait wait wait. Chapter 2?!? I thought I was on the preview email alert list; I don’t have a Chapter 1…

    No, no – metaphorically (For Chapter 1, see below). Chapter 2 is my attempt to embrace my kids leaving me, every single day, for that thing they call school. Chapter 2 means getting a job to dig us out of the debt so massive it would make Suzy Orman projectile vomit. Chapter 2 means we might even pay for college and new (cute) shoes someday. Chapter 2 means possibly getting showered before noon and wearing something other than jeans and stained t-shirts.

    If there ever was a real Chapter 1 – yes, you would be on the preview email alert list, just as I expect the same from you, missy.

  3. Go to it.

    The other day, I was talking with someone about how this time of year makes us all want a fresh start, a new notebook, a clean slate.

    You’ve got yours. (Kind of.)

    I do, I do. Let’s hope I use it wisely.

  4. It must be a bittersweet time for you. I can’t believe they are both fulltime grade-schoolers now! Wow! But I look forward to hearing about your successes in your coming endeavors. They will be great, I am sure. šŸ™‚

    PS – where’s the other kitten!?!?!

    Well – I am very inspired by the other successful women now in my family (ahem). And the other kitty was trolling the kitchen floor for Ceci’s crumbs. I think I somehow I’ve adopted an alley cat.

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