A Dirty Re-entry

connecticut 182

I need to get off the laptop because after visiting the beautiful and gracious homes of my two dear friends, I realized that while I’ve been messing around blogging, our house has turned to squalor.

When I came home from vacation, my feet stuck to the kitchen floor, new cob webs had multiplied in the windows, the bathroom downstairs has a funky smell, the hole in our den chair somehow grew (stuffing is not just visible, but oozing out), and I found hamster poo in my pantry (the hamster escaped two weeks ago).

For two days, I’ve done nothing but scrub. I might (might!) be done with the kitchen by tonight.

Meanwhile, vacation was heaven: Connecticut, Boston, Connecticut, NYC. It was sooooo worth it.

connecticut 188

P.S. We took the green bug with us into Manhattan. He hitched a ride on our windshield and rode with us all the way in. We were cheering for him when we arrived.

One thought on “A Dirty Re-entry

  1. Either you shouldn’t have gone.. or you shouldn’t have come back….Would have saved you a lot of cleaning. What is Ceci so happy about?

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