Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Check out my Clematis. It just started blooming the other day.

Clematis Vine

I’m from the midwest so I say “Clem-aaaatis.”

Martha Stewart, on the other hand, says “Klehhhm – atis.”

But my friend’s neighbor once said to her (true story), “Did you see my Clitoris out on my mailbox? Isn’t it beautiful?”

I don’t know about hers – never saw it. But my Clematis is really quite something.


P.S. Alternate titles I considered for this post: “Growing your Own G-spot” and “Why the Postman Really Rings Twice”. Other suggestions are welcome.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

  1. This is why I don’t garden: too much fear of pronouncing things wrong. Or perhaps because I kill all plants. That’s a possibility, too.

    No need to fear gardening. If you pronounce something wrong, we gardeners just smile and then post your mistake on the internet. BTW, I kill houseplants at an alarming rate. Something about growing them outside makes it easier — maybe because Mother Nature takes care of most of it.

  2. This made me laugh. I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with another clever title, but I’m drawing blanks. Sigh. Love the photos.

    Thanks! Your photos are amazing. I loved your lily and your foxglove.

  3. Damned if I’m ever going to be able to say “clematis” again without giggling. I’m-a blame YOU when I get the weird looks, too.

    Dude – how do you think I feel when I see the “clematis” crawling all over my fence? I could hardly hold the camera without laughing.

  4. I love this post! It made me laugh out loud–and making me laugh is a very difficult thing to do. I like the title, “Why the Postman Really Rings Twice,” best. I made my husband read it and he said, “It’s very funny,” but looked a bit uncomfortable…:)

    I’m thinkin’ a clitoris on the mailbox does sound a bit uncomfortable :-). Glad to make you laugh out loud, dear S.C.C.!

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