Defending Blue Fleece


Yes, I am aware that I’ve been wearing my blue fleece every day.

It’s from Old Navy and it cost $15 which is all I can afford to spend on myself during this global economic crisis. Big and warm, it’s perfect for turning down the expensive heat and eating everything in sight.

I should be concerned that I’m wearing it too often — especially in my small town where I see the same people every day.

Wednesday night I wore it under my green down vest to Caroline’s choir practice. I thought it looked bright and festive, like I’d just breezed in from doing something really sporty.

Friday afternoon I picked up my daughers at school. Moms were complaining about the cold, rubbing their skinny arms and shivering. I strolled right past them, cozy and warm with my blue fleece zipped smugly up to the top.

Saturday morning at Elizabeth’s basketball game, the local MILFs were dressed-to-kill, perched on the tiny elementary school bleachers in suede boots, hip jeans, and full-on make-up. I sat behind them and kicked back…in my blue fleece.

I put it on again today, ready for a day of lounging in front of the fire and reading my new book. My youngest daughter who wears nothing but tutus and sequins sneered at me. I saw her.

Perhaps I should care. But I don’t. Or maybe I should care that I don’t care, but my blue fleece keeps me cozy.

And right now, I need cozy.

5 thoughts on “Defending Blue Fleece

  1. Oh yeah, I love fleece too. It must be in the genes. Cozy trumps everything.

    We do have cozy genes. That’s why we love soft chairs, good books and coffee + pie at 3:30 in the afternoon.

  2. Mine uniform is a hideous brown hoodie with fake fur trim on the hood. I know it’s beyond it’s prime and I shouldn’t be wearing it every day …….but frankly ,i just don’t care what these people think of me 🙂

    Here’s to homely and warm!

    Yeah – you go girl-in-the-brown hoodie! I say I don’t care either, but on I did write a whole post defending it. Perhaps I care more that I want to.

  3. I’ve been wearing a brown fleece myself that is perfect for Florida’s winter! If nothing else, one must always be comfortable!

    Had to chuckle at your daughter’s sneer — one day she’ll understand!

    Ahhhh, Florida’s winters. I’m so jealous! And yes, someday my daugher will understand that….but from what I see, it won’t be for a very loooonnnngggg time.

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