Stuck in the Fall


Life is still happening here in JCrewville. It’s a beautiful time to live amongst giant trees and stone houses. Every day new displays of gourds and mums cascade off porches. Little white ghosts multiply on front yard trees. People are lining up at Stabucks for the pumpkin bread and hot cider.

Yet while fresh air and leaves are whirling all around me, it seems I’m stuck…in a rather dark place.

So if it hasn’t already been apparent to my (five + mom) regular blog visitors, I haven’t been in the mood to post lately. I’ve been taking care of some things and trying to take care of myself.

Every so often the air smells like burning wood. I’m desperate to take a deep breath and enjoy it.

I hope to be back soon.

8 thoughts on “Stuck in the Fall

  1. I really like the fence in your header. How clever of you to think of it. I also like the cool air and burning leaves. Tell me more about the small town.

    Thank you.

  2. I was wondering where you’d gone (so make that six + mom!). I can relate, being in a similar place myself right now. Subtle temperature changes and hearing the geese fly over = a shift for me every year. Sometimes good, sometimes horrible, but always an inward turn towards the contemplative. Add that to a major family tragedy a few weeks ago, and well…this is just going to be a season that takes place in the inner depths. A time for everything, as they say. You’ll be back soon, as will I, if we take time to care for ourselves the way we need to, right now.

    Thank you for this comment. Whoever you are, wherever you are, Aquamarine, you have given me great comfort. I am deeply sorry for your family tragedy. I hope that soon, very soon, we will both resurface and inhale the fresh air with gratitude.

  3. Add me to your list please. I fell onto (into?) your blog a few weeks ago. Not sure how I got here but enjoyed myself so that I read all you had. I’ve been waiting for something new, I hope your ready to tell a story soon. Peace.

    Thank you and much peace to you as well.

  4. I have enjoyed your writings so very much. I hope you’ll be back in top form again soon. I hope you come through your dark time so you can enjoy this marvelous fall!

    Thanks, Aunt Marianne. I wonder, where does this propensity to feel so deeply come from???? Hmmmmm……

  5. Hope things are all right.

    I thought you might like this quote:
    “You must learn to be still in the midst of activity and to be vibrantly alive in repose.” – Indira Gandhi.

    Thanks, Emiko – lovely quote from a lovely sister-in-law.

  6. I do love your blog, but maybe I love it even more because it’s only once in a while something new is here. If Christmas came every day, it would not be Christmas. It’s more important to figure things out. I am kind of in the same boat lately, forcing out a blog here and there but really more interested in reevaluating things.

    I love your blog as well. Your writing transports me to other places — reminding me that cool people are out there in the big, big world….sitting near their beautiful gardens with mountains standing by (sigh). I’m waiting for your novel!

  7. The fall does this to me to. It brings me into some of my darker, quieter places. And I think that’s okay. It’s a kind of internal housekeeping before the winter lockdown.

    I suspect the Stepford (and JCrewville) wives and mothers are cheery and productive every day, regardless of weather or season. And since I’ve never wanted to be like them, I take the fact that I’m not as a comfort.

    Yes, I’m hoping that extracting myself from all the cheery productivity will let me rest my soul a bit. And when my soul is rested, I find I’m okay with who I am.

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