Nothing doing, doing nothing.

Another day, and I’m once again — job hunting: slow-going, confusing, overwhelming and confidence-slashing. This morning I started off with productive intentions. I searched news sites and Twitter feeds for articles pertinent to my fanciful job ideas. Then I treated myself to just a peek at Facebook where I saw a local Jcrewville mother posting about moving her blog to… Read More Nothing doing, doing nothing.


Thursday: Went to make healthy granola bars for my girls. Came home and realized I forgot the oats. Made chocolate chip cookies instead. Ate six of them. Friday morning: Ate four more. Friday evening: Mojitos seemed harmless. I’d just have one — and a  few of the cheesey, fried appetizers and dip. Dip made me thirsty, had another mojito. Mojito… Read More Denial

Fall Preview

I got nuthin’ to say this morning except that it’s raining — and I’ve turned every light on in the house even though it’s only 9:00am. This reminds me that fall is coming and after that, eight months of darkness. The ladies of Jcrewville will have to pack their Lily Pulitzer away until next year.… Read More Fall Preview

Could it Be?

Things are getting weird around me. At first there were a few isolated incidences, but enough of them have accumulated that I’m starting to notice a trend. I think something might be amuck. Consider a small sampling – At a birthday party, a mother from my daughter’s kindergarten class confided in me about her divorce.… Read More Could it Be?