Thursday: Went to make healthy granola bars for my girls. Came home and realized I forgot the oats. Made chocolate chip cookies instead. Ate six of them. Friday morning: Ate four more. Friday evening: Mojitos seemed harmless. I’d just have one — and a  few of the cheesey, fried appetizers and dip. Dip made me thirsty, had another mojito. Mojito… Read More Denial

Okay, so…

Dear Readers (i.e. Dear Mom), It’s been a while, I know. I feel obliged to give you an excuse — I’ve been busy (sorta), I’ve been in a funk (only on odd days), I’ve been doing other exciting things (not even close). But I don’t have an excuse, I just haven’t been interested. Instead I’ve… Read More Okay, so…

This I Believe?

Recently I’ve become addicted to NPR’s “This I believe” essays. I love them. Each little essay takes five minutes to read and is packed with hope, clarity and gorgeous writing. Consider a few recent titles: “How to Refill an Empty Life”, “Tomorrow will be a better day”, “The Making of a Poem.” They’re so pretty,… Read More This I Believe?

Writing Class

I decided to take a writing class. An official one, by this woman who has published her personal essays in Newsweek and Oprah, among others. I love her essays, and the price seemed reasonable compared to other online classes I’ve considered. It’s a six week course. The “basic level” cost is $125. The “premium level”… Read More Writing Class