Chapter 2

Today I dropped off two daughters at school. One begins her last year at elementary school and the other begins her first. When we got within sight of the playground, my fifth grader (!) ran off. I never saw her again – confirmation that indeed, her friends are preferable company. I walked my first grader… Read More Chapter 2

Um, No?

My week in 10 questions (am I really supposed to answer these?): 1. Mommy, you’re not going to throw away this sponge are you? I love this sponge (holding the dirty, kitchen sponge up to her cheek, caressing it). Please pinky-promise me you will not throw away this sponge. 2. What? You’re getting a new… Read More Um, No?

One Mother of a Playdate

There’s this thing about a mother’s intuition. We’re supposed to listen to it right?      Not too long ago, a new family moved into JCrewville. They are young with two cute kids. I’ve talked to the mother several times. She seems sweet and church-going.  I’ve been careful to watch my language around her.    Other than a little small talk however, I haven’t… Read More One Mother of a Playdate