Ten days later, the winner is…

Chosen by random selection, the winnner of the $10 Starbucks Giftcard is Mitch.

Thanks for playing, everyone — you all gave very helpful comments.

Mitch, I’ll contact you via email for details.


4 thoughts on “Ten days later, the winner is…

  1. Jodi…I will buy Karen coffee. Save the card for yourself. My treat. Your contest gave me the opportunity to do some creative writing and that is reward enough. Keep up the clever posts.

    1. Mitch: You are too kind — and considering you are married to one of my oldest friends — that is such a good thing.

      I propose this: Karen and I will need to get together soon. At such an event, I will buy her coffee — and a goodie to take home to you.

      Sound good?

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