Christmas posts — again.


Advent marks our return to church on a near-regular basis. The first Sunday is a bit dicey as I scurry around screeching, in search of tights without holes, the elusive “church shoes,” and black pants that fit me — because last year’s black pants don’t. Someday my kids will tell their therapists about damage incurred while getting dressed for church.

Last Sunday we had it all together — as in new tights, cheap patent leather flats and new black pants from The Gap. As we settled in for our post-worship repast of broken chips and leftover salsa, I asked my daughter what they talked about in Sunday school.

She sighed, rolling her eyes and said, “Ah, Jesus — again.”

On that note, I’m linking two Christmas posts I wrote a while back. Recently Barb brought referenced them in a comment, and I went back and read them. I confess, I liked them. They reminded me to get over myself and stop trying to make it all look perfect.

And I need to be reminded — again.

Christmas Post 1.

Christmas Post 2.

4 thoughts on “Christmas posts — again.

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been here (or anywhere else, for that matter) and now that I’ve spent the last twenty minutes reading your most recent posts, and even some of your older onces, I’m wondering why I’ve stayed away so long. I’d probably enjoy reading your grocery list. Anyway, I have to know, have you gotten a Christmas tree?

  2. We went through the getting the right tree thing over the past few Christmases. This year, finally, a tree that did not require furniture adjustment and warnings of narrow passage when guests arrived. It made a huge difference. I am a major grinch before Christmas because I want things to be done properly. I hate half-assed just to get it done. If it’s not going to be done well, why bother? This year, I modified a bit. I did not skimp on decorating or food presentation. What I did was let the kids take over gift wrapping. I let them put their own personal touches on the gifts. I’ve decided gift wrap and bows and all that is a huge waste of resources. We got creative and recycled and crafted.
    Finally, let me say the pictures of your young daughter embracing the skinny tree are precious.

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