And the winner is…

My daughter chose the winner for the “Bittersweet” giveaway. If you commented below, I put your name in a hat. She stirred the names around and pulled out…

Kathy! Hooray!

What’s fun is that I know Kathy — well sort of, in a blogger way. She writes about her on-going battle with fibromyalgia at The Fibrochondriac. Lately, things have been rough so I’m happy to have this book find it’s way to her. Also, if you are reading this post, please go to her blog and  give her a pep talkey comment. Put some sunshine in her day.

Meanwhile, thanks to the rest of you for commenting.

One thought on “And the winner is…

  1. Yay, thank you! And thank your daughter for me 🙂 Sometimes I wonder about things like karma, or do things really happen for a reason…but however it works, this is a bright spot for me and I appreciate it!!

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