Halloween: Well Done

One down. Two more to go.

I love this time of year. I can dink around in holiday minutia  — like sewing a glitter cat on a leotard or rearranging spooky votives — and totally avoid facing more important issues. I don’t even need to procrastinate. I have too many meaningless things to do.

I’m scurrying around — unfinished, sleepy and bloated. I’ve eaten a lot of stolen chocolate. I’m happy. Well, happy-ish.

It’s probably the chocolate.

4 thoughts on “Halloween: Well Done

  1. Thank goodness I ate most of the good stuff BEFORE Halloween, not so much to worry about after!

    Do you know: If I buy (or bake ha-ha!) some cookies is it best ~ calorie wise ~ to eat them all in one night vs. spread over a few days? I think all in one night. In and out of my system. Poof!

  2. Well, we bought candy but had no trick-or-treaters. Kind of a bummer not seeing cute kids in costumes, however, got to see my 17-year-old dressed up like Paris Hilton and her friend like Lady Gaga. Unable to include photo because daughter said she forbids it as she “looks like a hooker.” Well…Halloween is not what it used to be, but that’s OK by me.

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