Thursday: Went to make healthy granola bars for my girls. Came home and realized I forgot the oats. Made chocolate chip cookies instead. Ate six of them.

Friday morning: Ate four more.

Friday evening: Mojitos seemed harmless. I’d just have one — and a  few of the cheesey, fried appetizers and dip. Dip made me thirsty, had another mojito. Mojito made me hungry, had a few more appetizers. Thirsty again…

Friday late night: Ate the last three cookies.

Saturday: In bed all day with a cold. Needed comfort food: ordered Mongolian beef, egg roll and fried rice. Ate in my pajamas. Bummed the cookies are gone.

Sunday: Salad for lunch — healthy, fat-free dressing. Topped it off with an Oreo cookie malt. Promised I’d have a healthy dinner. Had a healthy dinner — two heaping plates of healthy dinner.

Monday: Wondering why I’ve gained weight. Maybe it’s my thyroid.

15 thoughts on “Denial

  1. I brought home a bag of honey crisp apples because from now on we are having fresh fruit for dessert. My husband, who had different ideas, came home with a box of peanut butter cookies. Guess which one is empty a day later: the bag or the box?

  2. HAHAHAHA! I love this post! My neighbor walked over with two donuts and I scarfed one down while the kids weren’t looking. The other one is still in the cupboard calling my name. It will be gone by 10 am, I promise you.

    Thanks for writing something we can all relate to. You are so talented! Love your blog 🙂

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