Okay, so…

Dear Readers (i.e. Dear Mom),

It’s been a while, I know. I feel obliged to give you an excuse — I’ve been busy (sorta), I’ve been in a funk (only on odd days), I’ve been doing other exciting things (not even close). But I don’t have an excuse, I just haven’t been interested.

Instead I’ve been drinking lots of coffee, hanging in my jammies with my cats, talking on the phone way too much, shopping for things I don’t need, and eating everything in sight. I’ve been a real model of self-discipline over here.

I think my aunt was right when she said that my writing class screwed with my head. Now that I know a teensy bit more about what writing is supposed to include, I feel a huge obligation — to have something interesting to say and to say it well.

And I know it’s my blog, blah-blah-blah, and I swear I’m not fishing, but I can’t stop thinking of The Reader every time I sit down and type. The Reader is one demanding, time-starved, attention-needing, fickle gal, and I am sick of sucking up to her.

It just feels like so much work to write something. I need more fire (less sugar) in my belly and thicker (less wrinkled) skin. It’s just a phase, I know I need to keep going. And I will…but be prepared to be bored, because really, I got nuthin.

Sorry for the self-pity and the obsequious apology.

Okay, I can’t think of how to end this.

Um, how about a few daisies?


21 thoughts on “Okay, so…

  1. I knew it was that stupid writting class! The first post I read after you took that class I thought “uh-oh”. I did the same thing. Stopped me writng cold for a couple of months! But you know what? The blog is not a book. A book (or any other paid writing work) you write a draft and then turn it into something for The Reader. Blogging is from the heart!

    That and it was winter…and we all kind of slide in the winter. So I get it. I bombed out here, even though I’m in San Diego so you wouldn’t think that could happen…oh but I did!

    Hang in there and ignore that class when you’re here. I miss your blog!

    1. I believe I should never make a comment when I have not had my coffee! I apologize if I came off as being an opinionated bitch. Well, I am…but, still. Shouldn’t have, I don’t walk in your shoes. Sorry!

      1. No, you are so right. So right. I hope you are feeling well and strong now that winter has ended and summer has begun (note: Spring? what the hell is that?). xo

    1. I’m afraid I’ve been giving it too much time. Groove? What groove? Was there a groove around here somewhere? Maybe I should check the bottom of my flip flop. I probably stepped on it long ago.

  2. You know that saying: the enemy of good is perfect? The enemies of the blog are standard writing rules.

    Just write. We miss you.

  3. We are in this thing together. I feel this way too. I click over to other sites and read the same words. We are all feeling it. This writing thing is not easy. This blogging thing needs constant food, water and attention. For what it’s worth: I enjoy your writing and your blog as it is. Proceed at your own pace.

    1. Thank you. You know, it’s been so long since I’ve written that it feels normal not to write — and you and I both know feeling normal under sub-optimal circumstances is not a good thing.

  4. Hey, there you are! I was sure the baby shower would give you something to write about! Please? Please? Please!
    If you post it, include a pic of the flowers you had around the house. They hosestly were lovely!

  5. Oh darn, I’d love to hear about the baby shower. I’m trying to plan one long-distance formy daughter (she’s 26, her friends are the same age and it just never dawned on them that a baby shower is a REQUIREMENT!). and yeah, having lots of interesting times…flowers? Seriously? I’m lucky to get a cake and decorations up, never mind convincing her to register…

    It might make it to a post…but I’m stumped as to the “fibro” angle to it. I have buried myself into a very narrow niche with my blog. The things we learn after the fact, eh?

    Take care…you do sound okayish, at least. I’m hoping for the best for you!

    1. I know what you mean by the “fibro angle.” This, too was supposed to be about small town life and now it’s veared off course and become about everything but.

      But write what you want. Fibro folks have a broader life, a more complex definition. Good days, without overwhelming pain, inspire.

      Congratulations, Grandma. Rock on.

  6. Just write. “You people” who are talented and don’t write are making it difficult for those who need to read. Your place is one that I stop for my reading.
    I’m not picky. Write about your garden or family or car repairs (I just read a blog ~ and enjoyed it ~ about this woman’s car repairs). It’s not what you write about but how you write it. I’m very easy to please.

    1. Darling – I think you are going places. You are. You will be. I know this.

      I may be quiet, but I’m still reading.

  7. Hey–I’m back! I *completely* understand how you’re feeling. I’ve been a total blog slacker–haven’t been reading or writing anything other than grocery lists and bank statements. I propose our brains just need a vacation from sounding smart and striving to formulate compelling essays about everyday life. Grab a Coke…or another Margarita, and enjoy the summer. We’ll all still be here when you get back 🙂

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