Paperwhite Therapy


It’s early January and my paperwhites have just opened. My friend Beth said that I should plant them to bloom after the holidays. I say, she nailed it.

Once the tree is down and the twinkle lights are unplugged, winter becomes a daunting test of emotional fitness. But now I have these cheery, little blooms brightening the corners of my rooms. Sure, they might smell a little funky, but so does brie cheese, and who would pass on a warm wedge of that?

new years 007

Paperwhites are essential for weathering long winters — as are flannel sheets, pot roasts and votives on the fireplace mantle. Beth gave me some in a white pot with white stones. They looked so artful and clean. I felt like I’d just received a pot of fresh perspective.

Another good reason to wait until after the holidays is the bulbs go on sale. Yesterday I saw some selling for 80 cents a bulb. Eighty cents.

new years 008

That is some seriously cheap therapy. With ten bucks, I might actually make it through January.

5 thoughts on “Paperwhite Therapy

  1. Will you move to my house and be my personal gardener? Not only do I kill every plant I touch, it never even occurs to me what cheering things plants are until I see other people’s houses.

    I don’t even know what a paperwhite is. Does this mean I have no soul?

    Okay – ANYone can grow a paperwhite. You just jam the bulbs in some stones and pour in a little water. Keep watering as the water evaporates (once a weekish) and voila – instant cheer.

    Re: your soul — I think you’re good, but for 80 cents you can know for sure.

  2. Yeah….it’s the “keep watering” part that gets me every time. Every plant I’ve had ever had has died a slow, painful death from lack of water. Except the cactus.

    I overwatered the cactus.

    1. Okay – point made. Maybe you can find some already potted and just enjoy them while they slowly and inevitably die.

      Or maybe just buy a bouquet of tulips. Tulips in the winter can have the same theraputic effect – especially orange ones.

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