12 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Header.

  1. Oh let’s talk about getting the writing groove back? You prodded me into writing and out of my funk. Let me see, you made me do a meme. Hmmm. Paybacks are what?!!

    When you’re not particularly passionate about anything (and at the moment, I feel you) it’s hard to write. I love your pictures though. There’s nothing wrong with just posting pictures!

    Thank you. I hope you are doing well. I read this might be a difficult week for you.

    1. Your comment got sent to my spam. Luckily, I check Spam every so often. I’m gald you’re still reading. Hope you are well.

  2. It is something since I haven’t changed my header in two and a half years and it’s really starting to smell.

    Ewww – nothing worse then a stinky header though I’ve been to your blog and didn’t smell a thing.

  3. I want to be supportive and say that the header counts, but I really want some writing, too.

    I’m so torn.

    I’ve just posted so I think you’re in luck, or maybe not.
    I’m so torn.

    1. Paleeze. You are incredibly creative. I still want to copy that button picture for my kids room. Maybe sometimes we just need a break from words.

  4. I like changing my header too. Do you take all the pictures you post yourself? Cause if they are yours you take some wonderful pictures.

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