Busy Looking Busy

Finally, he’s out of the house. My adorable husband. Nice company, but he is in my way, man — and so are his shoes, empty Diet Coke cans, 300-pound Franklin Planner and little post-it notes that are everywhere.

The first week of unemployment was honeymoonish. We went for walks, went to Chipotle for chips and guac, drank wine at dinner and caught up. It was great.

Since losing his job, my husband feels better. He looks rested. He’s making up time with the girls. He’s exercising every day. His back problems have hugely improved.

But last week he had to return his company laptop. Which means we now have one computer. One. And since job search trumps narcissistic ramblings, I lose. I do manage to sneak in 10 minutes here and there when he goes to the bathroom, but otherwise I am off-line. All day.

Also, since he’s home, I need to look busy. I’ve been cleaning and cooking and grocery shopping – oh, and running fake errands. In fact, I have a whole trunk full of stuff to return today. It’s the stuff I bought looking busy yesterday.

The other day he was downstairs (on the laptop) and I was upstairs, making the bed. I climbed in it, like the old days. I grabbed my book and one of the kitties jumped up to join me. Cold sheets, purring cat, great book: ahhh, bliss. As soon as I settled in, I heard his heavy footsteps clomping up the stairs. I threw my book under the bed, pushed the cat off and got back to looking busy.

Today he is out at an appointment so I have limited time to catch up on blogs, shop online for winter boots, call my friends, finish my book, watch reruns of Curb Your Enthusiasm and eat cold pizza in my pj’s.

So if I haven’t been commenting on your blogs lately, please know it’s not you, it’s me.

Actually it’s him.

I gotta run. I only have limited time, people, and I have an appointment of my own.



7 thoughts on “Busy Looking Busy

  1. Oh, I love this post. And chips and guac at Chipotle? I’m jealous. Actually, I was just there with my mom enjoying some of the same… and then I swore off eating for good. (Well, minus a Hersheys kiss or two.) Yes, avocado might be a “healthy” fat but not the way I eat it. Did I mention I have zero control?

    And I’m genuinely sorry for your internet loss. I know this will make me sound incredibly spoiled, but I’ve always said if one of our computers were to bite the dust, we’d have to get a new one immediately. I don’t care if we have to beg, borrow, or steal… our relationship won’t survive if we have to share.

    Which just goes to show how we’re both way too reliant on these machines. Oh well.

    Yeah, today I might have to look busy eating by going to Chipotle for more chips and guac. We are addicted. It’s almost silly how much we go there. Given our new status however, we may need to cut back to say, once a week?

  2. Ha! This is really funny and I can totally relate! My husband works at a public school, so as soon as vacation hits, I’m suddenly scrubbing and organizing and…doing. Something. Major bummer about your computer situation. Glad you had a mini-honeymoon together–but still rooting for luck with his job search. After all, you need your cold sheets-and-book time šŸ™‚

    Yes, couldn’t we all use a little cold-sheets-and-book time?

  3. I love this. It rings true in many ways. Now that I have my own laptop we no longer have an appointment book next to the computer and a timer ticking away the minutes. It used to get ugly at times as I justified my online time as … *ahem* research.

    Ahhhhh – research. Eureka! I need to do research, too. Lots and lots of it.

  4. Just be careful. I started doing the busy thing on weekends when he was home (I was trying to model good behavior!) and it raised expectations. Now I have to do it even when he’s NOT home because then when he comes home he’s all, “What? You didn’t bake cookies this week?”

    Seriously. You don’t want to have to keep this up for years.

    Very good advice. I’ll slow way down….starting today.

  5. A friend of mine had to fire her secret housekeeper when her husband moved from working 1st to 3rd shift and was actually home during the day. I love that she had a secret housekeeper.

    And I’m glad that your husband’s back is feeling better, but isn’t your quest for winter boots more important?

    Secret hosuekeeper – that is genius. I love that! I did finally get my boots because it was an A, #1 priority. I am obsessed with Bogs boots. I finally found some on Amazon. Have you seen those boots? They are the best boots ever for those of us in snowy, wet places. So now, that’s done. Hey, do you need new winter boots? Shall I shop for you?

  6. Ahhh…man in way. I can so relate. My husband works from home occasionally. Yay, I get access to a car (we only have one), boo…I have to share my office and stay out of his hair. Our apartment is about 800 square feet. Kinda hard to stay out of his way!! So my dog gets lots of walks šŸ™‚

    Hang in there!

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