A Revealing Me-me

Karen, a very ‘appy and lovely British blogger, over at If I Could Escape tagged me with this blogging award and guess what the prize is? I get to write about me! In my first me-me-me meme. Hooray.

Okay, first I must tag seven new award-winners. And the awards go to:

1. Alias Mother (I know you’re busy)
2. Chocolate and Wine (I know you’re sick)
3. Emilie’s Observations (I still don’t get Steampunk)
4. My City Life (To be composed in your high rise)
5. No Shoe Left Behind (Start banging away over there)
6. The Fibrochondriac (Use your WordPress)
7. Waltz in Exile (Must use at least three ***’s)

Next I’m supposed to share seven of my personality traits. Okay. So, I am:

Self-aware: A shrink once told me I was the “most self-aware person he had ever seen.” This, from a shrink. He also told me I was the “most anxious person he had ever seen,” which I think makes him the “most frequent abuser of superlatives I have ever seen.”

A Good Listener: When I’m done talking about me, I am happy to concede the floor. I love, love stories about others – especially kooky family stories. I collect them. When one of my friends spends a weekend with her kooky relatives, I’ll brew a pot of coffee, curl up on the couch and wait for the phone to ring. “Go!” I’ll shout when she calls. Seriously, no detail is too small. Try me.

Funny. Okay, my blog is not funny. Nor will this little blurb about me being funny be funny. But in my off-line life, people tell me I’m funny. So maybe I’m a bit funny-ish. Or maybe I’m just very funny-strange.

Hyper-organized. You should see my house. I honestly feel incomplete if I leave the house without the beds made. I was one of those people at work who always had the freakishly clean desk. I could hear people whispering “like, so anal” when they walked by my office.

Curious. I once wanted to start a “research club.” I thought it was a great idea. One person picks the topic and the rest of the group has to do research on it. Then everyone gets together, drinks wine and discusses what they’ve learned. I shopped the idea around and got nuthin. Maybe this explains the “you’re so funny” feedback.

Emotional. Every day I’m forced to make the climb out of the pit in my stomach and head back up into my brain. Every single day.

Guilt-ridden. Example: In the last two weeks, I have been working on getting this unpaid writing gig that is not likely a good fit for me. I needed a picture of myself for the site, so I asked my good friend Beth to take a picture of me.

Beth is an amazing photographer. She came over and took a few shots and while I love Beth’s work, I hate the way I look. My hair is total Carol Brady, my nose is bulbous and I am. so. old. Huge creases, everywhere. Oh, and oink, oink. OMG.

So after she generously came over to take pictures on a rainy day, lugging her sleeping infant in a carseat, I just couldn’t send in her photo. And I didn’t want to ask her to photoshop out the wrinkles, clear up my skin, and shave pounds off my chin. So I used another picture. But I told her I would definitely use her photo for something else. So, for her:

beths photo

This is my self-aware, listening, funny-ish, hyper-organized, curious, emotional and (oh, so slightly less) guilt-ridden self. Coffee’s brewing. Now then, about you…Go!

13 thoughts on “A Revealing Me-me

  1. I love this meme! I also think that is a great picture.

    Thank you. Please consider youself tagged. And I agree, it is a great picture. It’s just the wrinkly subject I have issues with.

  2. I’m with Maleesha. There is nothing Carol Brady about your hair. Also, please note that I am not brave enough to put ANY photos of myself on my blog, so THERE.

    Guess I’ll have to get my Meme on later so no one thinks I’m a spoilsport. I’ll polish my *s just for you.

    Thank you *** and I’ll put my reading glasses on next time I read your post. Seriously though, look at the flip – you don’t see a little Florence thing going on there?

  3. You look just like your daughter! (beautiful)

    Thank you. I do look a bit like my youngest minus 40 years. We’ll see after puberty whose nose she gets. Fingers crossed it’s my husband’s.

  4. Love it! You’re gorgeous, sweetie!

    And, yeah for bulbous noses!! Let’s say we research that topic? Mine was inherited from the very kooky Webb side of my family!! How about yours? Hmmm, I feel a blog post coming on! LOL

    Oh, I definitely have my dad’s schnoz. But the older I get, the more it looks like my Great-Grandma’s who seriously had the world’s biggest nostrils. I need to start saving now for a “nostril tuck.”

  5. Great post and lovely picture! [own your beauty!!] You have a lot of qualities that remind me of myself: the organizing, the guilt, the curiosity. My niche is watching documentaries, though–not really the researching part. But let me tell you, if you want to start a documentary-watching-curiosity-promoting club, count me in! 🙂

    Maybe we could research documentaries? Because that doesn’t sound tedious, right? Okay, maybe not. It’s funny, the more blogs I read, the more I see how many bloggers have the same qualities. I didn’t list obsessive (though I am — very) because in the blogging world, that’s a throw-away. Maybe that’s why I enjoy the bloggers I’ve “met” so well. It’s like finally finding your kin folk.

  6. 1) You are adorable, so get over it.

    2) I finally got around to doing the meme, reducing my slackerdom back to minimal levels!

    1) No – you are.

    2) Anything I can do to help…

  7. Checked out your photos tonight–Loved “Autumn in JCrewville” and “Hosta Blossom”. Would you/do sell your prints? Would you consider converting Hosta to B/W? Bravo! Really beautiful 🙂

    You’re so kind. I couldn’t possibly imagine selling my photos because they aren’t that good (see Chocolate and Whine for amazing photos). The Hosta photo is actually really blurry close-up, but I will email it to you.

  8. Thanks for coming to Calvin College last night. I’m sorry you didn’t like me ‘just reading’ my story. I was asked to do it that way for the college. Usually I don’t have my book with me at all.

    Now I’ve done it. I’ve offended an author completely by mistake. I am horrified and will be emailing you an apology ASAP.

  9. Every time I take a picture of my mother, I sit there and think “how beautiful.” She takes one look, gets what I call her “stinky face” and starts counting the lines.

    I’m not sure what I imagined in my head, but as soon as I saw your picture I thought “how perfect.” I think you’re lovely and somehow so in line with what I imagined it’s almost scary. I keep wondering if we’ve met before.

    I loved this meme. (And not just because it gives me something to write about.) You have such a way with words… I’m incredibly jealous.

    Dude – you’re jealous of me? That’s almost funny. Not only are you the most amazingly talented baker/photographer/writer…but you also have those long eyelashes and beautifully shaped eyebrows. Sheesh. Jealous, indeed. (But thank you.)

  10. All right, when the gestating mother of a Buddha toddler (aka Alias Mother) beats me to a meme tag, it’s embarrassing. So, I did it. Just for you, darling. And the shreds of my dignity at being beaten to it be the gestating mother of a Buddha toddler, of course.
    Enjoy 🙂

    Thank you, darling. I’ll get right over to read what your shreddy self has written.

  11. I’m not sure how I missed this one. I make it a point to not miss yours. The meme-snub was unintentional, I assure you.

    And now about you. You are super-cute. And your blog is funny when that is your intent 🙂

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