Flare-ups are a Pain.


Sometimes remission can fool you into thinking you’re cured – or even misdiagnosed.

I’ve been feeling so great: running, drinking coffee, hunching over the laptop, gardening…doing basically whatever I want. I recently told a friend “I have no pain, I feel completely normal.”


Then it reappeared – angry back pain, a fork twisting between my shoulder blades, soreness in my knees and elbows. I am trying to ignore it before it gets bad, or worse–sucks me below the surface.

Still, I can’t help going through a mental checklist – is it stress? Too many glasses of Pinot Grigio? Excess blueberry crumble? A seasonal reaction to the August air?

I’m swallowing fistfuls of vitamins, backing off the vino/sugar/white flour and going for a walk. Then I’m going to stretch out in the hot sun and exhale.

That’s all the time I’m giving it. After this post – pain or no pain, I’m moving on.

4 thoughts on “Flare-ups are a Pain.

  1. i feel your pain. i think us type-A’s give our 200% when we’re feeling great, and then reality strikes us… i have had my bouts with this cycle, but what i’m thankful for are those great days. i am willing to suffer a day or two here and there for those great days… it’s just that the healthier we live, the strength of our flareups may subside a bit over time. hang in there, and I hope you are feeling better! You’re not alone, smile and look forward to the moment you will feel better, because you know you will…

    also wanted to thank you for your kind words re: my race report. thank you for reading and checking up on me!

    Minnie – thank you for stopping by on exactly the right day. I know you know since you are my inspiration.

  2. I’d rather talk about blueberry crumble. Sigh. (And I hope you know I meant that in the best possible way.) I really hope it’s nothing too serious, I hope you are feeling great again soon. I really hope it’s not the wine! But I must say, your outlook is amazing. Enjoy your stretch in the sun.

    Oh, we’ll be talking blueberry crumble because I had a LOT of it. I also had a lot of wine (my BFF was in town from CT for four days…so that’s four days of wine, gossip and cooking in the kitchen). Thank you for your kind message.

  3. I moved from Seattle to San Diego because I would go into remission in the Seattle summer and be bedridden in the winter. So you’d think being in San Diego would be a permanent remission, no?


    I’ve been flaring like crazy the past three months and it only seems to be getting worse. I feel gypped!

    So you have my empathy regarding your feeling towards the pain and I’m impressedw with the way you only give it some time to work it out and then your moving on. No wallowing in the pain!

    I wish you the best!

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