Just Hanging with the Surface Dwellers

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I once read somewhere that when you’re depressed, you write better. This kinda makes sense to me. When you’re depressed you find shadows, irony, pain – everywhere. Your inner voice shouts at you over small things no one else notices. Writing helps quiet it down. There have been times when I’ve literally sat at the keyboard and wept with relief because I’ve found somehwere to put all the thoughts that have been twisting my brain.

Perhaps this explains why lately, I can’t seem to write anything. I’ve just been living free and easy on the surface — content.

I’ve been too busy reading, sleeping in and eating ice cream to be bothered with emotional details. I’ve been washing curtains and browsing cook books, contemplating salads with fresh tomatoes, white beans, and bright olive oil.

My biggest obsessions are whether to cut my hair short and paint my dining room white. I am concerned with things like remembering which day the farmer’s market is closed.

Maybe it’s because I’ve just come off a week of soaking up lazy mornings with my good friends, sharing coffee and flipping through magazines while our kids played. So utterly delicious. It restoreth my soul.

I don’t know what it all means. Honestly, who cares? In fact, I don’t even know what else to say. When I try to think of something meaningful or clever, I get nothing. Nada.

So, um — see ya?

15 thoughts on “Just Hanging with the Surface Dwellers

  1. So… what kind of ice cream???

    Oh man. First it was all chocolate chip cookie dough all the time, then I moved up and on to Moose Tracks — but most recently it’s been Cake Batter. All that fudgy frosting and batter mixed with the (strangely) yellow ice cream. Are you kidding me? No one could ever be sad eating that.

  2. Sometimes when you’re depressed it makes you write better. Sometimes it makes you sound like a complete dickwad.

    I think you write well when you’re content.

    Thank you and I hope you haven’t read any of my posts on depression, because now I am feeling a kinda dickwadish.

  3. Sounds like summer to me. Who can be introspective in summer? When there’s watermelon to be eaten? I save that crap for the winter.

    Speaking of watermelon, here’s something to add to your hot day salad rotation: watermelon, jicama, some fresh mint, lime juice. Mix, eat, die.

    Oh no – this is seasonal? I hadn’t thought of that, but thinking’s kinda hard with all this ice cream.

    Meanwhile, I can really wrap my brain around that salad. I have been on a total jicama bender. I eat it ALL DAY LONG. Yesterday, I had it with breakfast (clean and fresh) and lunch (slathered in hummus) and as a late night snack (with Paul Newman’s Champion Chip cookies). Today, I cut up more jicama and eat it (hooray) with watermelon.

  4. I was just thinking the other day that I absolutely cannot write when I’m depressed and stressed out. In part because I simply don’t like airing my “dirty laundry” and in part because I’m afraid I’m going to sound whiny, or like a total jerk (I have stacks of old journals to support this suspicion.)
    Happy, the only problem is finding time to write, LOL
    I’m glad that you’re feeling well but oh so sorry that you have nothing to say. Perhaps you could try goofy haiku…? Or just post your grocery list. I’d read that!

    Depressed, whiny and a total jerk is how I would describe several months of postings. Perhaps this explains my dismal retention rate of readers. Okay — grocery list, now you’re talking. Thanks for the idea.

  5. I’m depressed and I don’t know if it’s improving my writing ability one iota. I am, however, glad that I found your blog via the lovely Bejewell.

    Depression sucks. I look forward to reading your blog. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hi, dropped by from visiting The Bean cuz you sounded sad that no one reads you. so I came and I read.

    Um, thanks?

    P.S. I was only sad in a contented kind of way.

  7. You write well whether you depressed and sullen to the depths or emotionally, soaring along blissfully on Cloud 9.

    It’s perfectly OK to live in the moment and on the surface. It’s healthy to occasionally break free from all of the hard, crusty stuff that life often puts on our plates.

    Live it, breathe it, sip it, paint it, read it, shop for it and utimately, wallow in all the utter lack of committment it represents.

    Smile even wider. You’re just fine.


    Why can’t I write like you?

  8. If, in your cook book browse sessions, you encounter a good recipe for a fruit pizza, I would love to see it. How cheeky is that? Mooching off of your good mood ๐Ÿ™‚

    My mom made a fast one with store-bought sugar cookie dough. She spread it on the pan, baked it and then put some kind of spread (I think it was like cream cheese, vanilla and sugar? — I’ll confirm) then she decorated it with fruit. It was soooo yummy.

    1. My maid of honor made one for my wedding shower, and it was DIVINE. I’ll see if I can get her recipe, if you want…?

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