I’m on vacation with my family and I’m in the lobby of the hotel waiting for them to shower. I found a computer with free internet service so I thought I’d steal a minute to check in and report my favorite quote from vacation so far.

After a long weekend in Farmington, CT we drove up to Boston for two days. My youngest, Caroline, who just gobbles up life was so excited. “Are we in Boston yet?”, “Yay! We’re in Boston!”, “My first time ever in Boston”, “I Love Boston,” “Can we stay in Boston longer?”

After check-in, my other daughter needed to use the facilities. Caroline went in the bathroom with her and I heard her yell out, “Elizabeth! Can you believe it? You’re pooping in Boston!”

Yeah, Boston was a great time. We pooped there.

connecticut 100

6 thoughts on “Boston

  1. I’m going to Boston next year, and I am sure that at some point, I will emulate your daughter. Only thing, my age requires that I am a little more discreet about it!

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