Um, No?


My week in 10 questions (am I really supposed to answer these?):

1. Mommy, you’re not going to throw away this sponge are you? I love this sponge (holding the dirty, kitchen sponge up to her cheek, caressing it). Please pinky-promise me you will not throw away this sponge.

2. What? You’re getting a new driver’s license? But I love your old one. Don’t get a new one, Mommy, please (sob) please, please?

3. Will you Tell Mason (who’s standing at my door) I don’t want to play with him EVER again…because he’s MEAN. Tell him to go away, forever.

4. Can I have five dollars to go get ice cream with Mason? I don’t want to use my allowance because I’m saving up to buy a cat.

5. Would you talk to Caroline? She wants her (stuffed) dog to marry Greta’s dog and her dog needs to marry Mia’s dog because Mia is her best friend and Greta is my friend and her dog married Greta’s dog last time and now Greta’s dog wants to be married to my dog and now Mia’s crying and Caroline’s MEAN.

6. Could you call Hallie’s mom to see if she can come over and play? I know they got home from vacation last night and I’ve already called them six times this morning and no one is answering. Maybe if you call this time, they’ll answer.

7. Can you take me to the store to buy material, stuffing and yarn? I’m going to sew a baby doll and a dress for Emma’s baby sister. And Mommy, can you teach me how to sew?

8. Mommy, I don’t feel like I’m going to vomit anymore, can I have just one more?

9. Tell Elizabeth to stop reading and turn off her light so I can go to sleep. She’s keeping me up. And, Mommy, can you leave the hall light on? I’m afraid of the dark.

10. Mommy, why can’t we? When’s Daddy coming home?

4 thoughts on “Um, No?

  1. How wrong is it that I actually kind of relate best to #8?

    Anything related to vomit is wrong – but having just one more? Categorically — so right.

  2. I have boys, they’re older now. The questions they asked were very different. And no, you can’t send your brother down the stairs on the vacuum cleaner again!

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