To Delete or Not To Delete?

I wrote the post below a long time ago. It was sitting (for obvious reasons) in my draft folder but I chose to publish it this morning. I wanted to post something that didn’t have to do with chronic pain. But what I wrote is painful. I hate it. I want to delete it, but I can’t.

Every time I delete a post I hate (which I’ve done twice), I feel like a chicken-shit who cares too much what every one thinks. And I so want to be one of those brave people who just doesn’t care…but as you can see, I’m not.

So let me just say that I hate it.

Instead, I’m going to post a picture of my six (!) year-old daughter that I think is so much more enjoyable.


It’s sunny and warm here in JCrewviille today. Enjoy your day.

6 thoughts on “To Delete or Not To Delete?

  1. Why would you delete? It’s a good, quirky, funny post. It’s a snapshot of how you felt that moment of that day, and if a blog isn’t good for that, what is it good for?

    Besides, if you deleted, then you’d be one of those people in #10 and you wouldn’t be able to attend your own last birthday party. And I’d miss you there.

    (Of course I’m invited to your last birthday party. I am an awesome birthday party guest. I sing and everything.)

    Dude – You are so invitied to the party. Of course you sing – that doesn’t surprise me. Re: #10, you’re so right — how did I miss that? Must have been all that cake.

  2. i am proud of you for posting anyway. alas, I too have a slew of unposted posts that i am saving up for when i am brave enough to say it

    I look forward to reading them.

  3. Please post it. I enjoy your writing very much. I realize you don’t know me, or many of the readers who stop by. And those you do know, will love you anyway. We all win.

    I enjoy your comments very much. Thank you for them.

  4. Wait — she’s six now? How long have I been gone?!

    Apparently as long as I have. She’s actually rounding the corner to six and a half — and she’s the baby!

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