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I was so lazy over the holidays. I just read, ate, read and ate. I’m now relagated to sweat pants (and my blue fleece) because I am so fat. But the books, oh they were yummy.

The weather outside only furthered my laziness. I hunkered down. Going to the bookstore or library was too ambitious. I just re-read some favorites. It was like spending the holidays with old friends.

And while I neglected my blog, my kids, my house, my sense of dignity (I did eat a lot), I thought about my new blogroll friends — this amazing collection of writers who invite me into their daily lives and give me laughter, relief and reassurance that the world is indeed, a bigger place than Jcrewville.

So I thought I would introduce some of my old friends to a few of my new friends. Along the lines of Maleesha’s Festivus posting, I would select a book that I would give to you if you stopped by for a cup of coffee or a sip of something better. You may have already read these, in which case, I was dead on. If you haven’t, well, I recommend for…

    Maleesha @ Binary Trash- “Wintering” by Kate Moses. It’s a sad, sad book about the last days of Slyvia Plath, but the language is stunning. It’s poetic and viseral and puts the reader Right There. I often feel very transported by your postings, so I thought you would appreciate another great storyteller.
    Allison @ That’s What She Blogged – “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” by Allison Weir
    For someone who loves Jane Austin and was able to finish John Adams (that is one serious history book), I thought you would enjoy this. It’s English history full of juicy details. Lots of feminine insight plus real substance. That’s the way I see you when I read your blog: feminine but substantive.
    Mrs.Waltz @Waltz in Exile – “Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight” by Alexandra Fuller
    This chaotic memoir is about a (white) girl growing up in rural Africa. The author is brave and her account so raw, I swear you can smell Africa when you read it. I think you would love this author and her grit. Plus, talk about your exile…
    Karen @If I Could Escape – “Cold Tangerines” by Shauna Niequist
    Don’t be scared that this is a bit spiritual. It’s found it palatable, and I get really nervous around overtly religious people. It’s a beautifully optmistic book about a young woman who chooses to celebrate ordinary moments. She’s very real and not too gushy, but everything she says is bravely uplifting. I sense such enjoyment in your life when I read your blog and I thought you would enjoy Shauna.
    Bejewell @ The Bean – “High Maintenance” by Jennifer Belle
    Lady, I’m nearly done stalking you — how many John Hughes movies can I quote to lure you to my blog? Though you don’t read mine, I’ve read enough of yours to pick a Jennifer Belle book for you. Jennifer Belle is hilarious in a way that makes you gasp. Her wit is fast and her I spend a lot of time thinking “omigod” when I read her. Keep with “High Maintenance” beyond the first few chapters which are kind of bumpy. Once she hits her clever mark, you’ll blow right through it.
    Alias Mother – “Juile and Julia” by Julie Powell
    Gosh, You were my hardest one. I can’t tell you why, you just were. You proabaly read this one, but if not – it’s a lot of fun. Julie Powell is a young Manhattanite who decides to cook every Julia Child recipe in “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” She goes on to blog about it and in the process gets a book deal, a movie deal and becomes rather famous (true story!). Her humor is irreverant. and whether or not you like to cook, Julie Powell is such a great read…as are you.

There are others on my blogroll, but I don’t feel I know them well enough to recomend a book just yet. Plus several of them have (or will have) their own books..which are far better than anything I could recommend.

Happy reading, friends. Let me know if you have one for me.

7 thoughts on “Books and Friends

  1. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE book recommendations. What an awesome gift you have just given me! I get to run out sans goats in just a little bit, so I think I’ll add the bookstore to the list of places I’m going…

    And just for you, may I recommend Malcolm Gladwell’s newest book, “Outliers”? I’m usually more of a novel/literature reader, but this work of nonfiction is simply fascinating.

    Cheers, and happy reading!

    Thanks for the rec. I hope you enjoy Africa. Let me know….

  2. Thank you! I will go pick that one up today. I read The Bell Jar and I am totally engrossed in sad, depressing reads. Good call. I am very impressed with your people-reading abilities!

    I, too, love the Bell Jar (go figure). Wintering is one of my all time favorite books. I would suggest getting SP’s last book of poems (Ariel?) to read alongside this book. Unfortunately I know nothing about poetry so it was wasted on me..but you seem poetic. Enjoy.

  3. Oh my god, I love this. And all your picks are great fits. (I read the Allison Weir and you so nailed it for That’s What She Blogged. Nailed!) I’m sorry that I was difficult. I’m difficult for myself, too, which is why the pile of books by my bed usually makes it look like I have multiple personalities.

    I have read Julie and Julia and found it highly amusing, especially the moments of absurdity when she’d catch herself obsessively cracking open bones for marrow at 10PM while her husband starved slowly on the couch. It also changed forever how I saw Julia Child, who sadly disappointed me with her reaction to the project.

    Like Waltz, I return the recommendation. I just finished the novel “Memory of Running,” which I read because Beth at So the Fish Said told me to. I think you would like it, as, like much of your writing, it is funny and a little sad and about a quest to, not escape a life, but to…reignite it, maybe? Come to terms with it? Anyway, it was good, if sadder than I expected.

    You are only difficult in the most hilarious, entertaining way. I think I had a hard time because every book I thought of, I was sure you had read. Case in point: J&J. So I thought of one more: “Diary of a Mad Housewife” by Sue Kaufman. Written in the 1960’s, it is one of the first chick-lit books ever written. Funny and zanny and bright (like you) – plus good 60’s housewifey stuff. I loved it so much, I have suggested it for every book club I know. In fact, now that I think about it, this should have been my first rec for you. Hopefully, you haven’t read this. If you have, I’ll keep working on it.

    Thanks for your rec. I will buy “Memory of Running” and read it when the sun comes out…and I can handle a little sad. It sounds perfect, and your insight made my eyes sting with tears. Yes, reigniting it is. Well said.

  4. Thank you. I will definitely check that out . . . just as soon as I finish the Twilight books. Yes, I’ve got the Twilight bug, it seems!!

    PS I am sitting in my comfy sweat pants right now!!

    Cheers to sweat pants and Twilight. They are both sooooo good.

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