And So, The Tree Wins

If you read the post on my Christmas tree, you know that I’ve been struggling to find the magic with the skimpy tree we bought this year. Last night, I went to take another picture of the tree (to remind us of what NOT to buy next year) when my littlest one saw me with the camera in front of the tree.

“Oh, great idea, Mommy!” she said dancing over to me. “Can you take a picture of me with the tree?”

She stood up tall and proud in front of The Best Tree Ever — at least that she can remember.

Then she said, “Can you take another one?”

She reached out to embrace the tree.


Then it occurred to me how many times I’ve seen her hanging around the tree caressing it, tinkering with its ornaments, singing and whispering to it. I looked at her little face in the pictures with her tree. She’s beaming.

Ahhhhh, joy…there it is.

Thank you, tree.

9 thoughts on “And So, The Tree Wins

  1. What I want to know is, how did you get your ornaments spread out so nicely? Ours looks like someone shot a bazooka full of ornaments in one giant cluster about 3 feet off the ground.

    Oh there were a couple of bazookas all right, but I use the “mommy has to move this to hang the beads” routine and do a little re-arranging. Works every year.

  2. Kids. What’s with them and their stupid “Christmas magic”? They ruin all the good sulks. Damn them.

    I know — what am I supposed to do now?

  3. I keep tell you this; you need to write a book about life in small town!!! You are a mucho talented writer. This is now my favorite blog. I even read it before Facebook! xoxoxo

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